An environmentally responsible alternative to glass



Get glass-like performance with the benefits of plastic

A sustainable, lightweight and shatterproof solution for use in hot-fill, pasteurization and retort applications.

ThermaSet is a patented heat-set process that allows PET to be used instead of glass in challenging hot-fill, pasteurization and retort applications. It’s sustainable, lightweight and shatterproof, making it the perfect e-commerce solution. Applications include pasta and pizza sauces, salsas and dips, jelly and preserves, canned fruits and vegetables, microwaveable/direct serve meals, and pickles and relish.

ThermaSet PET bottles and jars have 50% more sidewall rigidity over standard PET and maintain thermal stability while providing a two-year shelf life at ambient temperatures. Due to ThermaSet's lighter weight, these jars also can be transported in larger quantities compared to glass jars. Learn more below about why you should make this benefit-rich solution part of your packaging story.

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Lighter Than Glass

ThermaSet PET is 80 – 90% lighter than glass, which allows you to maximize truckloads during shipping. This means fewer trucks on the road, which equates to lower freight and fuel costs, and a lower carbon footprint. Up to 40% more ThermaSet PET jars can fit on a single truck versus comparable glass jars. 

Pickles in a plastic jar
Tomato sauce in plastic jars


Eliminate Breakage

PET virtually eliminates breakage. That means less production downtime during filling, and less product loss during transport. This makes it an ideal solution for production, transport and consumer handling.


100% Recyclable

Lower your environmental impact with ThermaSet PET. Graham Packaging commissioned an independent research firm to conduct a life-cycle assessment of 1,000 24-ounce ThermaSet PET pasta sauce jars and compare them to their glass counterparts. The assessment found that when compared with glass, our ThermaSet jars had a 38% smaller carbon footprint, 47% less global warming potential and used 18% less energy during the manufacturing process.

Plastic recycling equipment
Plastic jars of tomato sauce on conveyor

Production Benefits

An Efficient Switch

ThermaSet not only is more sustainable than glass alternatives, but it also is a simple switch for brands to make. ThermaSet drops in and runs on existing glass jar fill lines and works with lug, metal CT closures, can ends and plastic closures. It also eliminates expensive rotary cappers and composite closures. ThermaSet jars are also able to use the vacuum button consumers trust.