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Sustainable, lightweight solutions for all your dry goods

Protect against moisture, oxygen and more with Graham’s dry food containers.

Graham Packaging has responsible packaging options for all of your dry food products, including everything from coffees, snacks and nuts, seasonings and more. Whether you’re testing out a new product or are trying to grow within the marketplace, we have the expertise to get you to market quickly.

Our packaging solutions are not only unique in design, but they also are high performance. Our dry food plastic packaging keeps out moisture, keeping the product inside fresh, and can include barrier technology for added protection against vapor, water and oxygen. We also feature lightweight options that can include post-consumer resin (PCR) to help your brand tell its sustainability story.

Dry Food Packaging Solutions

Recycled Content

See how incorporating recycled content into your dry goods packaging helps you create a sustainable packaging solution that appeals to retailers and customers.

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Barrier Technology

Using advanced barrier technologies, Graham Packaging provides our customers with plastic packaging options that safeguard quality and shelf life, both in-store and during transport.

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Discover how lightweighting your dry food packaging can minimize the environmental impact of your product over its life cycle without compromising performance

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Create Never-Before-Seen Packaging

Work with our creative services experts to design custom packaging that strikes the perfect balance between form and function.

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