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Make your food products the most appetizing choice with attractive food packaging containers.

Modern food production methods have given consumers a multitude of choices, and shelf differentiation is more important than ever. So, your products need powerful packaging that speaks clearly to shoppers while showcasing your unique brand.

We work with both Fortune 500 companies and niche producers to deliver attractive packaging that protects your products, enhances shelf life and helps you meet your sustainability goals with 100% recyclable bottles and containers made with post-consumer resin (PCR) content. Show consumers you share their taste in food when you partner with us.

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Explore Plastic Packaging for Your Food Product

Condiments & Dressings

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Dry Foods

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Food Service

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Sauces & Salsas

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Packaging With More Flexibility

We have packaging to address a variety of filling processes, including hot fill, cold fill, retort and aseptic. This includes our proprietary ThermaSet® PET technology, which is a more sustainable solution for hot-fill products that traditionally require glass packaging. We also offer a variety of barrier technologies to protect against oxygen, UV light and more. Whether your product is on the shelf or in an e-commerce setting, our packaging will help you stand out and protect the product inside.

ThermaSet® PET

Customer Story

Red Gold Lite Site™ Blow Molding Facility

Red Gold needed a partner they could work with to supply their bottles within their own manufacturing facility. We provided the know-how to get the job done with an innovative and cost-saving solution.

Our on-site manufacturing expertise allowed us to precisely scale our services to meet Red Gold’s needs. We worked closely with them to provide a more tailored product on-location to help them save time and budget.

Customer Story

LiDestri Francesco Rinaldi Plastic Hot-Fill Jar

Our DuPont and AmeriStar award-winning ThermaSet® PET technology allows our partners at LiDestri to have a drop-in solution for their manufacturing process. Many years of extensive research went into our ThermaSet process to provide a safer, more sustainable package to the marketplace.

Our team leveraged our heritage of innovation, performing countless tests to produce technologically advanced PET plastic food packaging that can replace glass jars, even in challenging hot-fill applications. By applying creative problem-solving, our team developed a product that shows glass is the past and ThermaSet PET is the future of food packaging.

Featured Food Packaging Innovations

Product Fill Types

Partner with us to develop a package to match your filling process that preserves the flavor, shelf life and freshness of your products while offering you more design freedom.

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Explore our options for plastic food packaging that will stand up to the rigorous demands of warehousing and shipping your products directly to consumers.

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