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An attractive and sustainable solution

Explore Graham’s technology for cutting-edge design freedom and enhanced recyclability for hot-fill PET bottles.

While traditional hot-fill bottles require vacuum panels and heavy weight to prevent distortion during the cooling process, Graham’s latest Active Base technology allows for greatly enhanced design freedom and sustainability. This technology is ideal for single-serve beverage containers such as sports drinks, juices and ready-to-drink teas.

Our Active Base technologies allow the base of the bottle to flex during the fill process and respond to changes in the pressure of the container while cooling. This removes the need for traditional sidewall features that limit design freedom. The technology comes in two forms: self-activating base (SAB) and mechanically activating base (MAB). Both technologies enable enhanced design freedom, while MAB also reduces resin weight and increases PCR percentage. Let us help you stand out on the shelf while boosting your sustainability story.

Enhanced Design Freedom

Self-Activating Base

Our self-activating base technology gives you the same hot-fill bottle experience while increasing design freedom.

By allowing for the vacuum displacement in the base of the PET bottle, the SAB technology eliminates the need for traditional vacuum panels. This allows for a variety of unique designs to make your brand stand out. SAB also allows for a greater number of labeling options, including roll-fed, shrink sleeve, pressure sensitive and more.

The Ultimate in Design Freedom and Sustainability

Mechanically Activated Base

Our mechanically activated base technology takes the benefits of SAB to the next level in its design freedom and sustainability. Our MAB technology produces containers that are at least 20% lighter than existing hot-fill market solutions, even achieving comparable weights to aseptic systems. It also allows for the use of up to 100% PCR content, helping you meet your sustainability goals.

In addition to the sustainability benefits, MAB also allows for design freedom beyond what SAB offers, including the reduction or even elimination of ribs on the bottle. In turn, MAB gives you the ultimate brand differentiation potential, allowing for a larger variety of sleek shapes and unique designs to give you a glass-like appearance.

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