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Optimize the shelf life of sensitive foods

Plastic packaging with advanced barrier technology ensures products stay fresh longer.

Products like meat, juice, wine and other sensitive foods require packaging that offers extra protection against oxygen exposure, UV or visible light exposure, moisture and flavor scalping. Using advanced barrier technologies, we provide our customers with plastic packaging options that safeguard quality and shelf life, both in-store and during transport. As our industry evolves, we continue to develop new solutions designed to keep products fresh while lowering costs and reducing breakage when compared to other packaging options like glass.

Monobarrier Container Solutions

One solution we offer is an oxygen scavenger for monobarrier containers, including containers made with recycled PET. This type of barrier can increase the lifespan of products while preventing the product from oxidizing, inhibiting discoloration and preserving taste. Our monobarrier technology gives you a simple solution that allows you to create a protected package with a single layer of plastic.

Multilayer PET Bottle Solutions

Our multilayer PET option is an advanced barrier technology that has a number of benefits over other materials, including its ability to provide an equal performance compared to monobarrier solutions while using less barrier material. It’s also suitable for cold-fill and hot-fill products and features glass-like clarity. This barrier technology has excellent gas barrier properties, making it a great option for products that require CO2 retention.

Multilayer EVOH Polyolefin Packaging Solutions

Our multilayer EVOH solution is used primarily for oxygen barrier and meets the Association of Plastic Recyclers’ critical guidelines. This solution allows us to optimize the use of exotic barrier material for sufficient protection at the lowest additional package cost. This solution stops chemicals, oils and vapors from escaping the packaging. This multilayer barrier technology is also safe for use in recyclable and recoverable products to help companies reduce waste and is suitable for both food and beverage products.

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