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Lightweight solutions featuring glass-like clarity

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Sustainable solutions for spreadable foods.

Stand out on the shelf with clear containers that show off your spreadable products.

If you’re looking for a new container for your mayonnaise, jelly, peanut butter or other spreadable product, we have responsible plastic packaging options that your consumers want. Our blow trim and wide mouth injected finish PET jars have flexible neck finish sizes to fit your needs.

We focus on lightweighting our spreadable containers to help reduce your total packaging costs. Our containers are also 100% recyclable and feature glass-like clarity to show off the product inside. Work with our expert design team to create a custom option to create shelf differentiation for your brand, or get your spreadable food product to market quickly with one of our readily available solutions.

Spreadable Packaging Options


If you are looking for a container for a hot-fill spreadable like jelly, our ThermaSet jars are a great solution.

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Our innovative lightweighting technologies deliver several benefits, making your packaging more sustainable and cost-effective while increasing design flexibility.

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Create Never-Before-Seen Packaging

Work with our creative services experts to design custom packaging that strikes the perfect balance between form and function.

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