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Experience freight savings, operational efficiencies and flexible technologies through strategic location.

One out of every three Graham Packaging plants is strategically positioned near or inside our customers’ filling facilities. This helps us better collaborate with you while eliminating the costs associated with shipping empty bottles from our facility to yours. Near- and on-site locations also expedite the quality assurance process and allow for fully automated logistics solutions. Graham’s co-locations offer benefits, like manufacturing synergies and close-coupled quality, that allow your brand to work closely with our team to provide innovative and high-performance packaging. Additionally, you can manage your inventory more selectively with a co-location.

Benefits of Co-Location Manufacturing

By manufacturing your plastic packaging close to your facility, our team can help take your bottle filling process to the next level. See how we're able to maximize productivity and colloboration through co-location.

Freight Savings

Co-location manufacturing can simplify the manufacturing and distribution stream. When bottles are made on-site, it eliminates the need to ship empty bottles from a Graham facility to your facility. This not only reduces logistical needs, but it also reduces the monetary and environmental costs of the end product. With less shipping comes less fuel consumption and more freight savings. Through co-locations, you have a number of ways to change the supply chain to eliminate or reduce packaging supplies.

Operational Efficiency

Working together on-site helps create synergies at all levels of your business. Shared services and utilities drive lower operating costs. Daily collaboration between Graham employees and your employees helps us to develop faster, more flexible manufacturing solutions that address quality issues and continuous improvements. Plus, it allows our team to work closely with the people who know your product best. Co-locations help foster a team-based manufacturing environment.

Recycling Opportunities

When our team is on-site, we’re focused on delivering the best-quality product without compromising sustainability. This mindset translates to the manufacturing process where we can drive a reduction of internal scrap and improve first-pass yield on both the blow and fill lines. Additionally, our systems are designed to incorporate recycled content in your packaging.

Dynamic Innovation

Having a co-location with your team allows us to study the life cycle of your containers across the fill line. We can also collect feedback directly from your personnel. With this approach, we are able to offer you new and innovative solutions, including ideas for lightweighting your packaging or incorporating more PCR. We’re always innovating. Since we understand the fill process, we can use our manufacturing horsepower to help drive innovation at the source.

Increased Sustainability

Co-location manufacturing can help you meet your sustainability goals. This type of manufacturing creates the potential for 100% closed-loop recycling of scrap, which provides an additional source for recycled content. It also helps significantly reduce energy usage and lowers fuel consumption because you’re only shipping your finished, packaged product. We are experts in optimizing your carbon footprint and adding PCR to packaging to create sustainable solutions.

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