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Sustainable solutions for RTD coffees and teas

Provide superior packaging for your ready-to-drink coffee, tea or kombucha with Graham’s sleek, recyclable plastic bottles.

Our society runs on coffee and tea, so get these products into your customers’ hands sooner with our ready-to-drink tea, coffee and kombucha plastic packaging options. On the outside, we provide glass-like clarity and sleek designs to stand out, while we protect the beverage inside with our superior barrier technology that provides a longer shelf life. Our packaging supports a variety of filling methods, including hot fill, cold fill and aseptic fill.

Thanks to Graham’s proprietary Active Base technology, we also offer the lightest weight bottles on the market made with post-consumer resin (PCR) to help your brand meet the sustainability goals your customers demand. Make sure your consumers can take their tea, coffee or kombucha on the go and feel good about the single-serve packaging it’s in with Graham’s 100% recyclable bottle options.

Sustainable Kombucha Packaging

Graham offers unique plastic Kombucha bottles that feature glass-like clarity and a consumer safety-vented closure. Keep your product safe from carbon dioxide loss and oxygen ingess with our proprietary barrier technology. Graham’s kombucha bottles are available in clear or branded colors, and are venue-safe and convenient for consumers.

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Packaging Solutions for Ready-to-Drink Tea, Coffee & Kombucha

Active Base

Active Base is our proprietary technology that allows for lightweight, sustainable PET hot-fill containers. We have both mechanically activated base and self-activated base technologies that give you the design freedom you need in a bottle that is the lightest weight available.

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Product Fill Types

Partner with us to develop a package to match your filling process that preserves the flavor, shelf life and freshness of your products while offering you more design freedom.

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Recycled Content

Using recycled content in your ready-to-drink coffee and tea bottles shows customers your commitment to preserving our planet.

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Create Never-Before-Seen Packaging

Work with our creative services experts to design custom packaging that strikes the perfect balance between form and function.

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