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Reduce weight to lower costs

Minimize impact across the life cycle of your product when you choose lightweight, sustainable packaging.

At Graham, we can lightweight both PET and HDPE packaging to help offset some of the monetary and environmental costs of heavier products. Our lightweighting initiatives include developing new packaging that can replace heavier materials like glass, as well as redesigning existing plastic packaging to reduce its weight without impacting performance.

Our lightweighting stands out thanks to our expert design team and simulation capabilities that can optimize the package to make it the lightest weight possible while maintaining functionality.

Benefits of Lightweighting Your Packaging

The cost of warehousing and shipping heavy products is a big concern for many of our customers. While shipping large volumes of product can be expensive, it can also have a negative impact on the environment. Lightweighting delivers several benefits, making your packaging more sustainable and cost-effective.

  • Helps lower costs associated with materials and shipping
  • Maintains packaging performance while increasing design flexibility
  • Reduces material use for lower energy and resource consumption
  • Lowers overall carbon footprint across the supply chain
  • Decreases fuel use by letting you transport more product on fewer trucks in comparison to glass

AccuStrength Technology

AccuStrength is our proprietary extrusion blow-molding process that uses vertical bands of material that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the bottle’s thickness in desired locations without affecting structural integrity.

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Active Base Technology

Active Base is our proprietary technology that allows for lightweight, sustainable PET hot-fill containers. We have both mechanically activated base and self-activated base technologies that give you the design freedom you need in a bottle that is the lightest weight available.

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