Glass-like performance with all the benefits of plastic

ThermaSet® is a patented heat-set process that allows PET to be used instead of glass in challenging hot-fill and pasteurization applications. It’s sustainable, lightweight and shatterproof, making it the perfect e-commerce solution.

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New Possibilities in Packaging

ThermaSet PET as an alternative to glass packaging.

Like glass, ThermaSet PET promotes longer shelf life and offers a clear view of the product packaged within it. It also works with metal lug, metal CT closures, can ends and plastic closures, making it a drop-in solution for most fill lines. As a sustainable, e-commerce-compatible solution, ThermaSet PET can be used to package a variety of food items that undergo high-heat sterilization techniques.

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  • Pasta & Pizza Sauces
  • Salsas & Dips
  • Jellies & Preserves
  • Pickles & Relish
  • Canned Fruit & Vegetables
  • Microwavable Meals


ThermaSet PET is shatter-resistant and 80-90% lighter than glass, making it an ideal solution for production, transport and consumer handling.


Show customers you’re committed to preserving our planet when you package your product in our fully recyclable ThermaSet PET.


Work with an experienced partner whose sales, design and engineering teams will work tirelessly to help your product be successful.

Lower your impact.
Choose ThermaSet PET over glass.


Less energy consumption


Less global warming potential


Reduction in acidification


Reduction in air particulates


Reduction in smog emissions


Smaller carbon footprint

Find the Right ThermaSet PET Solution

ThermaSet PET bottles and jars have 50% more sidewall rigidity over standard PET and maintain thermal stability above 300°F while providing a two-year shelf life at ambient temperatures. Due to their lighter weight, they also can be transported in larger quantities. Up to 40% more ThermaSet PET jars can fit on a single truck versus comparable glass jars. More design options and sizes available.

24-oz. ThermaSet PET Jar

FDA-approved material

HEIGHT : 6.600 in. DIAMETER: : 3.204 in. WEIGHT: : 37.0 g
24-oz. ThermaSet PET ROMA

FDA-approved material

HEIGHT : 6.340 in. DIAMETER : 3.340 in. WEIGHT : 39.0 g

Graham Packaging’s ThermaSet PET jars have been pre-qualified by How2Recycle® as widely recyclable.

Innovative packaging. Decades of expertise.

For more than 35 years, we’ve partnered with our customers during every step of the hot-fill bottling process to bring innovative, sustainable packaging to market. Choose the team that delivers custom packaging solutions, industry-first innovation, market expertise and trusted support to every customer we serve.

Our commitment to sustainable product packaging.

We believe in protecting our planet, and that means sustainability is an essential part of everything we do. From increased levels of post-consumer recycled content in our bottles to our lightweighting and on-site solutions, we’re committed to supporting a circular economy.

See our sustainability efforts.

2019 Winner

Recognized as a Sustainability Award winner in the leadership (organization) categor

2019 Signatory

Committed to creating 100% reusable or compostable packaging by 2025.

Energy Commitment

Committed to reducing our energy use by 25% in our U.S. plants over the next 10 years.

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