We strive to be a responsible, purposeful and sustainable business.

At Graham, it’s our mission to make things better for our customers, our community and the world. We do this by minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing, championing recycling efforts and empowering our employees to be informed stewards of environmental sustainability. Our beliefs are grounded in our desire to help create a circular economy, which aims to reduce waste and make the most of available resources. In this report, we’ve detailed our company as it operates today, as well as our vision for a more sustainable future.

Minimizing Our Impact

Our products play a vital role in keeping consumer goods safe. They extend shelf life, prevent product loss and even childproof sensitive products. But we must also recognize the challenges the plastic packaging industry faces moving forward. That’s why we’ve identified several opportunities that will help us reach our sustainability goals.

Design for Recyclability

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Focusing on Sustainability

For us, sustainability is about thinking globally and acting locally. We believe that it will take a collective effort to preserve our planet, and we’re committed to supporting that effort in every way we can. We already have many initiatives in place that have helped us — and our customers — reduce landfill waste, reuse valuable resources and conserve energy.

  • Preserving valuable resources by using more recycled content
  • Promoting landfill waste reduction through Graham Recycling Center efforts
  • Lightweighting plastic packaging without impacting performance
  • Reducing carbon footprint through customer colocation
  • Committing to global sustainability initiatives and partnerships

Recognizing Our Efforts

At Graham, we practice what we preach. That’s why we were recently honored with a 2019 Sustainability Award from the Business Intelligence Group. We were the only packaging company to receive an award in the Sustainability Leadership (Organization) category.

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Sustainability Award

Finding New Opportunities

We’re taking steps to establish our company as a leader in sustainable packaging, including finding new, comprehensive solutions to divert plastic bottles from landfills, reduce ocean-bound plastic and promote recycling throughout the world. Thus, this report isn’t meant to be viewed as a tabulation of results. Rather, it’s a benchmarking tool – one that shows us where we are today and reminds us of where we want to go.

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