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More cycles. Reduced carbon footprint.

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Get more use out of a single bottle

Experience an average of up to 25 reuse cycles with our award-winning REFPET™ reusable bottles.

We introduced our reusable bottle solutions more than 30 years ago, and since then, we’ve refined our process. Today, we produce lightweight, refillable plastic bottles that reduce cycle times, energy consumption and raw material use.

Our reusable bottles feature innovative properties, like a proprietary texture that masks scuffing and maintains a bottle’s shelf appeal, so you get more use out of a single bottle. Not only does this help lower your costs, but it also lowers your overall carbon footprint.

Work with our team to create innovative bottle designs that will appeal to your customers again and again.

REFPET Packaging

Our upgraded REFPET Generation III bottles deliver 47% longer reuse cycles than previous generations of our REFPET bottles. These new bottles can be used an average of 25 times before needing to be recycled, which results in significant savings for our customers and consumers. This increase in cycle times was achieved through the application of a patented bubble texture that minimizes the appearance of scuffing.

Sustainability Award

2020 Innovator Award for Innovation in Recovery

Our REFPET Generation III bottles were recognized by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), who awarded them a 2020 Innovator Award for Innovation in Recovery. The SPC also commended the Graham team for embracing the challenge of creating a solution that simultaneously mitigated a loss and enhanced the visual appearance of the container.

Customer Story

Promoting Reuse Through Texture

As a leader in reusable PET production in Mexico, we’ve produced roughly 100 billion reusable bottles for one of our largest beverage customers. These bottles can be returned and reused up to 25 times, which saves a lot of valuable resin and energy. However, there are several reasons why a returned bottle may be rejected before it reaches its reuse limit. The most common reason is scuffing on the bottle’s exterior, which lowers its shelf appeal.

Because many bottles are rejected for cosmetic reasons, we explored ways to cut down on the “used” appearance of a bottle. Our proprietary solution was a texture with the appearance of bubbles that helps to eliminate scratches and scuffs on areas of the bottle where they commonly occur. When tested, these textured bottles showed 75% less scuffing than nontextured bottles.

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