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Redefining sustainability and design

Pinpoint where material is placed throughout your container or bottle.

While lightweighting has been in practice for years, Graham’s patent-pending AccuStrength technology takes it to the next level. Currently, most extrusion blow-molded plastic bottles and containers are formed through horizontal material distribution, which maintains product integrity and load-bearing properties. Graham’s new technology is redefining this process in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic required per bottle.

AccuStrength is Graham’s proprietary extrusion blow-molding process that uses vertical bands of material that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the bottle’s thickness in desired locations. This process is ideal for many homecare and automotive products with handles since the majority of the weight can be concentrated in areas of the bottle where it is needed the most for structural integrity. AccuStrength is only available through Graham Packaging.


Targeted Plastic Placement

AccuStrength’s technology has produced containers that are up to 11% lighter than traditional horizontal-banded bottles by strategically placing plastic only where needed to provide load-bearing reinforcement. This can result in reduced fuel and shipping costs, while also ensuring the container will survive the supply chain of palletization, transit and store shelving, improving e-commerce performance.


Less Plastic, More Strategic Placement

AccuStrength allows Graham to add vertical ribs of material into the areas of the bottle where you want to prevent buckling or deflection. With our AccuStrength technology, your brand uses less plastic overall. This results in lighter weight packages that require less fuel to ship and lower your carbon footprint, helping you meet your sustainability goals.
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