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Glass-like clarity with design freedom

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Extrudable PET offers the best of both worlds

Deliver enhanced performance from packaging that’s easy for consumers to handle.

Get a premium look over other extrusion blow molded containers with Graham’s proprietary EPET manufacturing technique, which transformed this niche product into one that’s now affordable to companies in a wide variety of markets. This process combines the design freedom of extrusion blow molding with the glass-like clarity of PET.

One particular area where design freedom comes into play is in the EPET handle. Typical PET molding processes are limited to a pinch grip design or a secondarily attached separate handle. With EPET, you can get a fully integrated, truly well-gripped handle within the container’s design. This handle design allows the whole bottle to provide glass-like clarity and a premium look. Products that use this technology are recyclable under PET resin code #1.

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