Introducing Graham's Blue Culture: Driving Excellence and Accountability

At Graham, we believe that culture is the essence of an organization—the DNA that shapes our identity and sets us apart from the competition. That's why we are immensely proud of our Blue Culture—a constructive culture that drives excellence and accountability. Blue Culture fuels our achievements and fosters an unparalleled sense of unity and purpose among our team members. As we continue to grow as an organization, we want to share with potential employees the heart of what makes us unique and successful.

What is Graham Blue?

Graham Blue is not just a catchphrase; it's a way of life within our organization. It represents our commitment to driving excellence and accountability in everything we do. Our Blue Culture is built on four pillars that guide us towards a brighter future: Ignite, Explore, Connect, and Grow.

Ignite: A Spark That Unites Us

At Graham, we share a clear vision that acts as a spark, igniting and uniting us as one cohesive force. We understand our roles and responsibilities and empower one another to continuously improve and excel. This passion for progress is what drives us to reach new heights and achieve our goals, both individually and collectively.

Explore: Embracing Innovation and Creativity

In our Blue Culture, we create a safe and challenging environment that encourages exploration and innovation. We welcome creative ideas and embrace new ways of thinking, always challenging the status quo and redefining what's possible. We understand that growth and progress come from pushing boundaries and embracing change.

Connect: Collaboration and Respect

Unity and teamwork are essential to our success. Our Blue Culture actively promotes cooperation, collaboration, and respect across regions and teams. We strive to be One Graham, an engaged, diverse, and connected workforce, where each member's unique perspective contributes to our collective strength.

Grow: Nurturing Individual and Collective Growth

Integrity is at the core of our Blue Culture. We take ownership of our personal growth while helping others along their journeys. Accountability and integrity are not just buzzwords but fundamental principles that guide our actions. We believe that by fostering individual growth, we cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and advancement for the entire organization.

Creating a Constructive Culture: A Shared Commitment

Our Blue Culture is the result of a shared commitment to excellence and accountability, with each member of the Graham family playing a vital role in building and nurturing this culture. Through this coordinated effort, we are working together to weave our Blue Culture into every aspect of our organization.

We did this recently by holding a Blue Culture Month in July across our global organization. During the month, we celebrated Graham Blue in several ways, including:

  • Recognizing our employees for Blue actions and attitudes.
  • Holding a Graham Blue Day celebration on Wednesday, July 12, which included local activities and two contests employees could enter.
  • Hosting three mini–Blue Culture trivia games, which were released throughout the month.
  • Inviting employees to three virtual “Bluesday Bashes” which educated attendees on Blue principles while getting to know one another better.
  • A Town Hall presentation discussing:
    • How our Blue Culture journey is going;
    • How leaders can tailor their management styles to align with Blue Culture; and
    • How Blue Culture is directly tied to our strategic pillars; our Safety First, Quality Focused initiative; and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).
  • And so much more!

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Join Us in Creating a Better Tomorrow

At Graham, we are more than just an employer; we are a family driven by a shared vision and unwavering commitment to excellence. Our Blue Culture provides a powerful foundation for the values that make Graham special and the collective strength we embody.

Want to join us in being Graham Blue? Visit our careers page to see available job openings.

Graham Packaging Team
Graham Packaging Team