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Graham Packaging First to Implement Multi-Site Certification for Mass Balance Under the RMS

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Lancaster, Pa — (August 30, 2023) — Graham Packaging, a global leader in sustainable packaging solutions, is proud to announce its certification under GreenBlue’s Recycled Material Standard (RMS). Graham stands as the first company in the United States to implement multi-site certification for mass balance under the RMS, a reflection of its unwavering commitment to sustainability and its dedication to promoting the use of recycled materials in its products.

RMS establishes robust requirements, ensuring the accuracy and transparency of claims through a rigorous third-party certification system. Graham’s journey towards RMS certification began with a successful pilot program in 2022, conducted in partnership with GreenBlue. This pilot program enabled Graham to pursue multi-site certification under the RMS, leveraging the mass balance methodology to transfer PCR credits across its diverse product portfolio, helping its customers achieve their own PCR goals. Mass balance methodology is a tracking system that allows companies to account for the use of certified materials throughout their supply chains by balancing the purchase and sales of materials. It enables companies to make claims about the use of certified materials without requiring every individual product to contain those materials.

“This certification empowers us to incorporate higher levels of post-consumer recycled content, delivering sustainable packaging solutions to our customers,” said Tracee Auld, chief strategy and sustainability officer of Graham. “The traceability, third-party verification, and flexibility provided by the RMS are invaluable tools that reinforce Graham’s commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility.”

Graham has set ambitious sustainability goals, one of which is to incorporate an average of 20% post-consumer recycled content (PCR) across all its manufactured bottles by 2025. With the RMS certification, the company can optimize the utilization of PCR in its products while ensuring accurate tracking and accountability of all recycled materials. This flexibility is particularly crucial in assisting its customers in meeting their targets for the use of recycled materials in food-grade applications, where the supply can be limited. The RMS certification covers two of Graham Packaging’s facilities: its flagship manufacturing facility and Graham Recycling Company, both located in York, Pennsylvania.

“Our collaboration with RMS and GreenBlue exemplifies Graham’s steadfast commitment to advancing sustainability practices and fostering a more circular economy,” said Richa Desai, Vice President of Sustainability at Graham Packaging. “Together, we are actively shaping a future where recycled materials play a pivotal role in minimizing environmental impact and creating a better tomorrow.”

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