We're pioneers in PET packaging technology, and still innovating every day.

PET containers are light, damage resistant and easily shapeable. So you can create a multitude of forms. They are particularly good for enhancing product visibility in transparent containers. And PET is fully recyclable, making it even more appealing to image conscious sellers and buyers alike.

PET containers are manufactured in a single-stage or two-stage process. The single-stage process combines the injection and blow molding processes of preforms. The two-stage process has separate injection for the preforms, and separate blow molding in which the preform is stretched and blown to its final shape. In many cases more than one technology is used. Graham’s technologies are all patented and proprietary, employing different barrier materials and processes to reach the best solution.

PET Technologies


    The future of food packaging:  our patented technology for shatter resistant, lightweight and eco-friendly PET jars which are a drop-in replacement to glass in hot fill and hold, pasteurized and retort applications – delivering savings to your business.





    Our new AeroPET® bottles deliver all the performance and convenience of metal aerosols with the benefits of plastic. Capable of meeting all DOT and current FEA specifications while offering a lightweight customizable bottle, AeroPET® is the future of aerosol packaging.




    For almost 30 years, Graham has been a world leader in refillable, returnable PET soft drink container technology.



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    Variable Displacement Base™

    VDB is a hot-fill technology that absorbs vacuum in the base of the container, freeing the side walls of structural geometry.



    Graham Packaging works with customers to develop designs and specifications for plastic bottles having appearance and performance criteria desired by the customer, and to manufacture plastic bottles to customers’ designs and specifications.  Where multi-layer technology may provide the appearance or performance requirements for the customer package, Graham Packaging Design Services will provide design solutions that utilizes SURSHOT® injection molding technology.



    Graham has taken what was previously a niche product for clear handled bottles and made it affordable to vastly more markets with proprietary manufacturing techniques.



    Protect your investment with proprietary Graham innovation. Graham utilizes various barriers in PET and other container technologies. They can be customized as an active barrier which absorbs oxygen or a passive barrier which blocks oxygen. Graham is the world’s leading producer of PET mono-layer and multi-layer barrier containers with combined sales of more than 2 billion units. So you can count on us for solutions that are easily mass-produced with speed and completely market-proven.



    Oval, rectangular, round or square containers weigh less without sacrificing integrity or performance.



    Our proprietary Escape technology removes all vacuum allowing for more lightweighting. Weighing in at 20% less than others, it’s the lightest commercial hot-fill technology available. Escape gives you the power to create panel-less containers and unique shapes, with far more design flexibility than vacuum panel bottles. It’s yet another first for Graham Packaging, the industry leader in exploration and innovation.