Nothing speaks more directly to buyers than the label. And first impressions can be everything. Now the same attention to form, color and detail that graces your design can make your label come alive, at a lower cost than you imagined. Our innovative bottle decoration experts can custom-tailor a solution that makes your products jump off the shelf and into the shopping carts of your customers.

All decoration methods can be used separately or in concert with other labeling and decorative techniques.

Decorative Technologies

    Silk Screening

    Add color, texture and special effects to your container. The most popular method in the personal care market is also often used in pharmaceuticals. You can easily print up to seven colors, add gradients that expand the palette or even achieve metallic effects. Color matching is limitless, whether from a PMS chip, another product in your line, material samples, or your imagination. If you can envision it, we can match it.

    Silk Screening

    Hot Stamping

    Make your product outshine the competition. In the hot stamping process, a metal foil is applied to the containers surface. It can be used alone, or as an enhancement to a silkscreened container. The color choices are both varied and customizable.

    Hot Stamping

    Shrink Sleeve Labeling

    Want 360° graphics applied to your bottle? No problem! Graham can shrink label sleeves directly to your container. Shrink sleeves are perfect for contoured containers and provide built-in tamper evidence, and they’re moisture-resistant. During the shrink sleeve labeling process, a label in tube form slides over a bottle, the bottle is then exposed to heat, and the label shrinks to the shape of the container.

    Shrink Sleeve

    Pressure Sensitive Labeling

    Graham will collaborate with your label supplier to provide a turn-key solution of labeled bottles for your plant or co-packer. With pressure sensitive labels, a variety of substrates can be used, there is an opportunity for custom die-cuts, and they suit a variety of container shapes. Pressure sensitive labels have pre-applied adhesive; the labels adhere to the bottles once the release paper layer is removed and pressure is applied.

    Pressure Sensitive

    Heat Transfer Labeling

    A “no-label look” solution. Heat transfer labels, made up of wax and ink, adhere to a bottle through heat and pressure. This type of labeling applies well to a variety of container sizes for round, oval and straight-walled bottles. Heat transfer labels are durable and moisture resistant.

    Heat Transfer

    In-Mold Labeling (IML)

    Allowing the elimination of post mold labeling operations. IML combines the manufacturing process of blow molded bottles with the labeling process. With IML labeling, a label is inserted into a mold cavity; as a bottle is blown the IML label adheres. IML labels give you that “no-label look" with reduction in delamination, loosening, and wrinkling of labels on containers.