Supplier of the Year


Graham Packaging Company is proud to announce that our manufacturing center in Aldaia, Spain has been awarded by Danone, the 2013 Best Supplier of the Year Award for our outstanding service.  We were also given an Innovation Award for our Actikid and Bebedino bottle designs which are gaining recognition throughout the world.

Danone and Graham Spain have been the pioneers in launching the “Actikid” concept made possible by Graham’s “Iron Man” mold technology.  This process allows us to interchange specific parts of the mold cavity, enabling frequent changes to the shape and faces of all the characters in the Actikid’s product line.

Danone has awarded our Aldaia plant as the 2013 Best Supplier of the Year in recognition for being able to deliver these unique projects on time and on cost while continuing to deliver an outstanding degree of Quality and Service.

Supplier of the Year Award Danone Aldaia Spain