Graham Packaging's REFPET Generation III Wins Innovator Award


Graham Packaging was named a winner of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition's annual Innovator Award. Graham Packaging’s returnable refillable PET (REFPET) Generation III bottle was named as the Winner for Innovation in Recovery, thanks to its new textured design that helps to extend its lifespan from 17 uses to 25.

Graham Packaging Company Returnable Refillable PET Containers Wins Innovator Award

“We are honored to have been selected to receive the Innovator Award for Innovation in Recovery for our REFPET bottle,” said Tracee Auld, Chief Sustainability Officer at Graham Packaging Company. “For us, sustainability is a part of everything we do, and innovation is core to who we are. To be recognized by a body such as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition says a lot about where we are already and where we need to continue to focus our efforts to deliver innovative, sustainable products."

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