Big Beer is Here!


Miller Coors worked with Graham Packaging Company to develop new packaging solutions for 40oz. and 32oz. plastic beer bottles, to convert the economy segment out of glass.

Consumer Benefits:

  • Ergonomic - unique patented asymmetrical grip feature offers a comfortable area to hold.
  • Shatter- proof - plastic material avoids costly and dangerous breakage.
  • Lighter weight - 40oz plastic bottles weigh one pound less than glass 40oz bottles.
  • Wide mouth offering - provides a smooth drinking and pouring experience.

Brand Benefits:

  • Sustainable solution - better for the environment, 20-30% carbon foot print reduction.
  • Branding embossments - adds custom communication about the product and size.
  • Innovation - first large plastic pressurized beer bottle with an asymmetrical grip feature.
  • Material - initial test market indicated that consumers preferred plastic over glass 4 to 1

Big beer