Partnering together to Navigate the Future

Our Creative Service and Development Teams have collaborated with our customers over the years to help shape the industry through an array of unique plastic packaging. We have a long-standing history of providing custom eye-catching solutions for our clients that stand the test of time. From the forefront of companies choosing to convert to plastic, Graham Packaging has provided innovative, value-added containers that solve industry and consumer pain points. Imagine a service with an expertise in package design that you can trust to tailor fit to your needs for your next development project.

When you partner with Graham Packaging Company you will be getting a world class resource that will be sure to deliver on your next packaging needs! The Design team has a wide range of skills, creativity and experience, with an extensive knowledge of the industry. We like to dive into three-dimensional ideation early in our process to give real-time design development and allow the stakeholders to provide instant feedback. We understand the importance of launch goals and we know how to balance the project deliverables without compromising on the brand identity. We continue to collaborate and work side-by-side with the core teams throughout the project to develop the best results. By using our tried and true process we have taken plenty of partners on this incredible design journey.


Our approach is simple, we start off with a wide range of concepts that meet the scope of the project and provide distinct choices that our customers can test with their consumers. Our team has a strong sensibility to transform our customer’s brand vision into reality. We know how to edit when necessary and pay attention to details that matter for the steadfast project execution. We appreciate all the aspects that go into making a successful package throughout the supply chain, so we provide our customers with real world options right out of the gate. Once the design direction is chosen we can then take these ideas directly into our simulation software to validate and further refine the form and function.

In the new normal we have taken steps to evolve our process and stay ahead of the curve by using the latest technologies to help with our project workflow. We can work conventionally or fully remote with digital white boarding and augmented reality presentations to give a similar in-person experience and beyond.

Our team is also driven to aligning our design ideas around your sustainability goals and the commitments to the circular economy. Not to mention, the team has a candid ability to stay focused on our client’s criteria and relentless pursuit to redefine the possible within sometimes narrow design windows. We have a proven track record of success and will be there for you to innovate the future!

David Heisner
David Heisner Lead Industrial Designer