Household Plastic Blow Molding Bottle Packaging

Attractively packaged household products make cleaning fun, easier and more appealing.

We can help you out all over your house. Graham has been a leader since the household chemical industry’s first powder to liquid conversions. Attractive design combined with innovative engineering makes them easier for consumers to choose and to use. And our track record of success makes your choice even simpler.

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Design & Technology Innovations

Church & Dwight 175oz Detergent

Our Advantage - Live Design Session. Working alongside the customer, a live design session can help to quickly reach a packaging solution. We are able to develop ideas, make necessary design changes, and build prototypes.

Household Plastic Blow Molding Packaging Design Church & Dwight

Through using this type of interactive session with Church & Dwight we were able to transform the design to meet a very specific set of criteria. As we made changes like modifying the label panel, maintaining the handle ergonomics, and matching a specific height, we were able to verify with the customer as they were completed and get their approval. At the end of the session the customer had a nearly completed design.

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