Food Plastic Blow Molding Bottle Packaging

Make your food product the most appetizing choice of all with attractive container packaging.

Show consumers you share their taste in food. Modern food production methods have given consumers a multitude of choices. So your products need powerful packaging that speaks clearly to shoppers, whets their appetites, and showcases your unique brand. Fortune 500 companies and niche producers alike know Graham delivers the goods.

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Design & Technology Innovations

LiDestri Francesco Rinaldi Plastic Hot Fill Jar

Our Advantage – Technological Innovation. The DuPont and Ameristar award-winning ThermaSet®, PET technology allows our partners at Lidestri to have a drop-in solution for their manufacturing process.  Many years of extensive research have gone into this new ThermaSet® process to provide a more safe and sustainable package to the marketplace.

Food Plastic Blow Molding Packaging Design ThermaSet

Red Gold Lite Site™ Blow Molding Facility

Our Advantage – On-Site Manufacturing Expertise. Red Gold needed a partner they could work with to supply their bottles within their own manufacturing facility.  Graham Packaging provided the know-how to get the job done with an innovative and cost saving solution.

Food Plastic Blow Molding Packaging Design Lite Site