Automotive Chemical Plastic Blow Molding Bottle Packaging

Drive more sales with containers that rev up consumer confidence for products like engine oil and other automotive chemicals.

You have high performance products. Graham has high performance containers. That’s why we’re the largest provider of Quart and Multi-Quart packages in all of North America. We’re pioneers in IML (In Mold Labeling), multi-layering, lightweighting, and filler materials. It’s a cooler and cleaner design for hot and dirty jobs.

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Design & Technology Innovations

Heet Gas Additive Bottle

Our Advantage – Brand Equity. As cars change, so do new specifications for filling your gas tank.  To keep up with the latest demands in a changing marketplace, Graham Packaging was asked to re-develop Heet’s gas additive bottle shape to make sure it worked with the new capless gas tank technology on today's new vehicles. Not only did we make the bottle work more efficiently, we made a more attractive bottle that stands out on the store shelf.

Automotive Plastic Blow Molding Packaging Design Heet

BP Castrol® Multi-Quart Oil Bottle

Our Advantage – Custom Design. British Petroleum trusted Graham Packaging’s design services with their flagship Castrol® brand for a total redesign of their rigid plastic packaging.  New designs were developed for their multi-quart and one quart oil bottles.  We were able to achieve top loads which were 15% stronger while making their new multi-quart packaging lighter by 15%.

Automotive Plastic Blow Molding Packaging Design Castrol

How we work

Technology & Manufacturing

At Graham, we use a wide variety of methods and equipment in our manufacturing process. We first listen to your needs to determine the best fit for your application.

We have multiple manufacturing platforms at our disposal to supply your bottle needs – be it wheel or shuttle technology or a new platform rest assured it will work for you.

In addition, automated measurement systems and in-line testing technology is used to help deliver a superior bottle time and time again.

With a wide network of supply points and a Global reach, we can provide all of your supply needs. We can also help drive cost benefits in your supply chain with our near-site or on-site supply points. To finish your bottle, decorative technologies and various labeling options are available.

With over 30 years of leadership in bottle manufacturing, we have the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs.

Design Innovation

To give your bottle that pop off the shelf presence, let Graham be your one stop shop for all of your needs.

We work together to provide a new award winning design that is not only innovative but also manufacturable. We have the in-house design talent and engineering resources that can design and perform engineering analysis for your next product. We can quickly build a mock-up of your product and develop a quick mold set to deliver sample testing bottles for fill trials and consumer testing.

Let's work together to help grow your sales and increase your customer's satisfaction.

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