Our can-do attitude started with our very first container.

Manufacturing Polypropylene Plastic Blow Molding

Graham Packaging converted the metal oil can to plastic.

That made it safer, cleaner and lighter for sellers and consumers. And more cost-effective, sustainable and attractive for Gulf Oil. It’s just one example of thousands that helped industry titans gain an even greater advantage, and given smaller companies a much bigger presence.

Take us to the edge.

We're up to the challenge. And we’re ready to develop new processes, products and possibilities to find you a spectacular solution. If you have a will to breakthrough and turn heads in your industry, we will find a way.  And you’ll be an active partner throughout the process

Success is its own award.

Our obsession is finding your solution, not expanding our trophy case. But we’re gratified when solutions change the landscape of the industry. And we share the glow with you, our collaborative customers. Beyond innovation, we’re especially proud of awards for the respectful and resourceful way we strive to do business, every day.


  • DuPont Diamond Packaging  Innovation Award 2016
  • DuPont Gold & Silver Awards
  • DuPont Silver Anniversary Continuing Innovation Award 2013
  • New Technology Awards
  • AmeriStar Awards
  • Worldstar Awards
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations - "Reaching Beyond Award"
  • New Packaging Visionary Award, Silver


  • Select Supplier Awards
  • Partnership Awards
  • Operational Support - Supplier of the Year Awards
  • Customer Support - Supplier of the Year Awards